Buxton Brawlers Win 2016 VAC National Duals

Buxton Brawlers Win 2016 VAC National Duals



The Buxton Brawlers claimed the 2016 VAC Holiday Dual National Championship over the weekend as they posted a perfect 10-0 record in the event. They started the event by winning their pool with a 4-0 record and then won the Gold Medal bracket with a perfect 5-0 record which placed them into the gold medal match versus Scorpion Blue.


It was here in the gold medal title match that the Buxton Brawlers faced their toughest test of the competition as they outlasted the Scorpions Blue 32-27 to claim the national championship.


The Brawlers jumped out to a quick 12-0 lead as Nic Allison, Marc Anthony McGowan and Stevo Poulin all captured victories. The Scorpions Blue were able to cut the lead in half as Nice Fea and Jet Strickenberger rattled off back to back decisions.


Leading 12-6, the middle of the Brawlers lineup went on to win four of the next six bouts to take a 26-12 lead. 92-pound Anthony Ferrari and 105-pound Nic Bouzakis picked up major decisions while Connor Gaynor and Travis Mastrogiovanni both picked up decisions. The Scorpions claimed back to back victories from 96-pound Yusief Lillie and 100-pound Caden McCrary.


The Scorpions were able to pull within five with three bouts to go as 126-pound Jake Niffenegger picked up a decision and 135-pound Alex Facundo picked up a victory by fall over Dylan Dodson.


However, the Brawlers were able to secure the title as 150-pound Peyton Craft and 180-pound Kyle Haase each picked up decisions to make the score 32-21 with one bout left. The Scorpions made it close as 240-pound Nathaniel Deasey pinned Mason Arnold in :30 seconds to make the final score 32-27 in favor of the Brawlers.


Leading the way for the Brawlers was 105-pound Nic Bouzakis, 119-pound Travis Mastrogiovanni, and 180-pound Kyle Haase who all posted perfect 10-0 records during the event. 75-pound Marc Anthony McGowan, 80-pound Stevo Poulin, 88-pound Daniel Wask, 92-pound Anthony Ferrarri, 96-pound Cole Skinner , 112-pound Connor Gaynor, and 150-pound Peyton Craft all posted 9-1 records for the Brawlers.


Buxton Brawlers Team Results:

Pool H:

Buxton Brawlers defeated Texas Dynamite Black 58-9

Buxton Brawlers defeated Terps MS Maryland Plus 81-0

Buxton Brawlers defeated VA Bandits 81-0

Buxton Brawlers defeated Minions Green 78-0


Gold Bracket:

Buxton Brawlers defeated Team Ohio Grey 59-3

Buxton Brawlers defeated Iowa Black 57-9

Buxton Brawlers defeated Team California 35-21

Buxton Brawlers defeated Team PA Gold 35-22

Buxton Brawlers defeated Legends of Gold 70-7


Championship bout:

Buxton Brawlers defeated Scorpions Blue 32-27


Championship bout box score:

70 - Nic Allison (Buxton Brawlers) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
75 - Marc Anthony McGowan (Buxton Brawlers) over Dylan Gilcher (Scorpions Blue) Dec 3-1
80 - Stevo Poulin (Buxton Brawlers) over Vince Cornella (Scorpions Blue) Dec 7-0
84 - Nick Fea (Scorpions Blue) over Simon Ruiz (Buxton Brawlers) Dec 7-4
88 - Jet Strickenberger (Scorpions Blue) over Daniel Wask (Buxton Brawlers) Dec 9-2
92 - Anthony Ferrarri (Buxton Brawlers) over Nico Nardone (Scorpions Blue) Maj 8-0
96 - Yusief Lillie (Scorpions Blue) over Cole Skinner (Buxton Brawlers) Dec 2-1
100 - Caden McCrary (Scorpions Blue) over Spencer Stewart (Buxton Brawlers) Dec 2-0
105 - Nic Bouzakis (Buxton Brawlers) over Caleb Henson (Scorpions Blue) Maj 13-5
112 - Connor Gaynor (Buxton Brawlers) over Jaxon Smith (Scorpions Blue) Dec 3-0
119 - Travis Mastrogiovanni (Buxton Brawlers) over Shayne VanNess (Scorpions Blue) Dec 4-2
126 - Jake Niffenegger (Scorpions Blue) over Brian Soldano (Buxton Brawlers) Dec 10-3
135 - Alex Facundo (Scorpions Blue) over Dylan Dodson (Buxton Brawlers) Fall 1:32
150 - Peyton Craft (Buxton Brawlers) over Tate Nichter (Scorpions Blue) Dec 7-1
180 - Kyle Haase (Buxton Brawlers) over Hunter Suter (Scorpions Blue) Dec 5-0
230 - Nathaniel Deasey (Scorpions Blue) over Mason Arnold (Buxton Brawlers) Fall 0:30


The above article reprinted from Youth 1.

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